Jollymap and community

《Caring Company》Logo

In 2017, Jollymap earned the 'Caring Company' logo from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. This is to praise our contribution to building a harmonious society, our support for voluntary work, and the build-ups of social partnerships. We are truly grateful and we will promise to continue in investing new resources, fulfilling corporate social responsibility (CSR), cooperating with our social partners, providing care for different communities, and protecting the environment.


Launched by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) in 2002, the Caring Company Scheme (the Scheme) aims to foster strategic partnerships between the business and social services sectors to promote good corporate citizenship and create a more inclusive society. The Scheme also helps corporations and social services organisations to know and understand one another at a much deeper level. This will create more room for working together to develop cross-sector community projects that focus on the needs of the community.


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Jollymap and Community

"To create happy memories with you!" is the core value of Jollymap. We firmly believe that playing is more than the rights of every kid, it is the main motivation of growing up. How far an airplane can go without enough fuel. Playing in a group is essential for kids to have fun and to really enjoy their childhood. After all, we hardly see children laugh out loud happily & joyfully when they are using their iPad or playing some video games without moving their body. Jollymap would like to give every kid a happy childhood filled with joys, we would also like to promote that Participating and Sharing bring true happiness. That is why we work hard to line up with the society and support groups which share similar ideals with us, so to line up children's laughter.

Jollymap and Playright

From now on, every purchase of children's bicycle, tricycle, scooter or balance bike, we will sponsor one kid from deprived group to play in Playscope. Jollymap believes that parents do not mind doing something more for their children to make them happier, and we hope we can promote this ideal through this scheme. We truly hope that when parents enjoy their happy moments with the children, they can bring happiness to other children too, and let their children understand the importance of "sharing".

playscope logo

About PlayScope

Playright Children's Play Association (Playright) presents an inspirational new play resource—HSBC Playright PlayScope (PlayScope)—created by award winning designer and architect Mitsuru Senda, Japan's foremost expert in safe, versatile play spaces for children. At PlayScope, children use age appropriate play to explore the world around them, create their own fresh worlds, or just spend quiet time.


PlayScope's services are supported by our own professional playworkers. They encourage play, involve the children in talk and sharing, and work at a practical level with parents and others, thus helping everyone appreciate the full scope and value of play. They also oversee health, safety and security issues within PlayScope.





Playright logo

About Playright

What we believe

Playright is the voice of children where they are not fairly or fully represented.

Play unlocks the full potential of our children as individuals, empowering them to secure a better future.


What we do

Playright Children’s Play Association (Playright), established in Hong Kong in 1987, is a non-profit making organization that seeks to enrich the life of every child through quality play.


We make a difference in the lives of children by encouraging them to play. We further seek to demonstrate to parents, teachers, policy makers and the public at large that quality play is vital if the full range of the child’s developmental and other needs is to be successfully met.


Through action, research and publicity covering four related areas––Advocacy, Play Resources, Play Outreach and Play Environments––we are helping to unlock the full potential of children in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia.

Playright’s activities

Environmental Play project

The Environmental Community Play days were held several times a year at parks throughout Hong Kong and were open to all. To date, 12,000 have joined and numbers keep growing. The activities might be as simple as ‘sking’ on a flattened cardboard box down a grassy slope, feeling sand slip through ting fingers, or building a simple toy from a leaf. 

Playright Environmental Play

Happy Bear Hospital

Hospital Play Services help children to reduce anxiety due to their illnesses and treatments at hospital. Through the play service provided by trained Hospital Play Specialists, the children cope better with medical procedures and develop more positive feelings towards sickness and hospitalization. There were over 20,000 children benefit from this program and it is counting. 

Playright Happy Bear Hospital

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